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Community Centre and Aquatic Centre
Weight Room Studio
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Did you know that stroke is the leading cause of disability in Canada? Improve overall mobility, build up lost cardiovascular endurance, and develop arm and hand functions with the guidance of an experienced personal trainer. FAME (Fitness & Mobility Exercise Program) is a community-based exercise program developed by researchers at UBC for post-stroke individuals that still maintain standing and walking ability.

Medical Clearance may be required at discretion of Program Coordinator and Certified Personal Trainer prior to joining class.  Refunds are only given with change in medical condition and note from medical doctor. Instructor may change without notice.

Are the following questions applicable?
1-Has participant had a stroke?
2-Can participant stand for 5 mins?
2-Can participant walk 10m (with our wout aid)?
3-Can participant communicate with instructor?

If you answered YES the FAME program may be Right for you

All NEW participants must register ($43) and sign up for initial consultation. Returning participants do not require a consultation.


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