Community Centre and Aquatic Centre

West Vancouver Community Centre  |  2121 Marine Drive, West Vancouver  |  604-925-7270 
The West Vancouver Community Centre is a recreational, social and cultural community hub. With lots of glass, light and space, the community centre brings people of all ages and interests together for all kinds of activities.

West Vancouver Aquatic Centre  |  2121 Marine Drive, West Vancouver  |  604-925-7270 
Learn to swim, improve your front crawl, play in the water, soak in the hot tub—all kinds of activities take place at the Aquatic Centre. The ozonated water treatment process means chlorine levels are lower than standard pools. Leisure, fitness and rehabilitation programs are all available for you here.

Universal Change Room Construction
Construction begins this week (May 28, 2018) on the upgrades and expansion of the family change room area at the West Vancouver Aquatic Centre. The expansion will make space for an expanded universal change room that will replace the family change room, and is designed to accommodate all users. Once completed the universal change room will be open to anyone and everyone who would like to use the space.

Access to the existing family change room space at the Aquatic Centre remains open. Construction will take approximately five months to complete. We will provide updates throughout the project.

Thank you for your patience as we complete these necessary facility improvements.